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When your horse’s mane or tail is dry or tangled it can be hard to be able to detangle the hair without causing pain it, just like when running a hair brush through your own hair and as we know the struggles you face only too well we have created a list of the best mane and tail detanglers and conditioner sprays we have had the pleasure of using.

Used as part of your grooming process, you can now condition and detangle your horse’s mane and tail easier than ever before thanks to a number of great products that have been designed specifically to counter tangle and dry hair.

As well as giving you a list of the best mane and tail sprays and products we know of, we’ll even give you a couple of tips for what others are using in their feeds to promote healthier manes and tails naturally.

Over the years we have used a wide number of products and will stack them up against each other as we look to give you our 2017 editor’s choice award winner of the best mane and tail conditioner for horses.

Canter Horse Mane & Tail Conditioner Spray (600ml)

canter horse mane and tail conditionerOur 2017 editor’s choice winner goes to Carr Day & Martin’s Canter Horse Mane and Tail, delivering a fantastic product that not only conditions and helps to detangle your horse’s hair quickly and easily but smells great too.

Making use of a new mist spray that is created to provide you with the biggest spread of application per spray as possible and having tested the product saw impressive results that left hair light, non-greasy and easy to brush through.

Although just a minor element as to why Canter Horse became the editor’s choice, the use of the style of spray bottle means that it has a much wider spraying area than other brands, meaning that it takes less time to achieve show-ready results.

Dermoline Horse Mane and Tail Conditioner (500ml)

dermoline mane and tail sprayDermoline has become one of the best-known names in horse grooming products and their mane and tail conditioner spray has been formulated to condition, detangle and make the brushing of your horse’s mane and tail easier.

A simple to use product that is simply sprayed directly onto the area that you are looking to brush, the product penetrates deep into each hair to condition each strand to help to hydrate and nourish the hair from root to tip.

A mid-range priced product that delivers good results, Dermoline Horse Mane and Tail conditioner is perfect for those that are looking to groom their horse regularly and would like to take better care of the horse’s hair and protect against the damage caused by brushing dry, tangled hair.

NAF Silky Mane and Tail D-Tangler (750ml)

naf silky mane and tail d-tanglerOne of the biggest bottles that we have tried as standard, NAF Silky Mane and Tail comes from a brand that are well respected for a wide range of grooming sprays and products created for making your horse look it’s best.

Sold in a spray bottle in a generous 750ml size, you get fantastic value for money and the formula showed a real ability to be able to help to detangle your horse’s mane and tail, however, we did find that the concentrated area of the spray became heavy and very damp.

While we found that the results were effective at being able to allow us to be able to brush through the mane and tail easier and recommend that it works best for general use, however, if you are looking for a product that you could use in show preparation then we would suggest that you would be better looking at one of the products listed above.

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