Best Horse Hoof Conditioner Products 2017

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Your horse’s hooves need to be looked after all year round and with the ever-changing climate to contend with, that can become more challenging when the weather suddenly changes from one extreme to the next, so let’s take a look at the best horse hoof conditioner products you can buy.

With your horse both unable to perform as well as most likely in some degree of pain should their hooves fail to be maintained, as a horse owner you need to ensure that you are taking good care of them, so with that here are the best hoof products you can buy for your horse’s hooves to keep them in good condition.

Kevin Bacon Original Hoof Ointment

kevin bacon original hoof ointmentKevin Bacon products have become the go-to choice when it comes to hoof care and their original ointment has been perfected over the past 25 years to make them the leading hoof care brand in terms of results and performance.

Created as a treatment and protection for the hoof, the formula is applied to the outer of the hoof and begins to work its way deep into the hooves to give a complete conditioning treatment.

Recommended by all riding professionals, Kevin Bacon Original Hoof Ointment is a must for those that are looking for the best hoof product available and although it does cost more than some of the lower-end brands, the results obtained from using it massively outweigh their rivals on so many levels.

Biotin Plus Feed Supplement from Gold Label

biotin plus supplement hoof conditionerWhile Biotin Plus is not applied directly to the hoof area, it has seen a huge uptake in popularity from horse owners that are looking to improve the condition of their horse’s hooves through feed supplementation.

Easy to use, simply scoop the required amount into your horse’s feed and allow your horse’s feeding programme to help to improve hoof health from within.

Gold Label are recognised for a number of their supplements and additives created for promoting better horse health, so if you are looking for a solution that doesn’t have you needing to apply products directly to your horse’s hoof.

Results seem to be slower than you would expect from a product that is applied directly to the hoof but that is to be expected.

Vitaroc Onguent Blonde Hoof Ointment

vitaroc hoof conditionerMade in France, Vitaroc has become known for its ability to be able to condition and hydrate your horse’s hooves when they are dry and cracked, promoting growth and repair.

Another of the products that we feature that is applied directly to the hoof, it is brushed onto the hoof and begins to penetrate into the hoof wall to strength from within.

Sold as a larger 2-litre size, you get fantastic value for money too as the product is cheaper than Kevin Bacon while giving you double the amount of hood conditioning treatment, making it ideal for those that have more than one horse.

In order to apply the treatment, you will need a brush or cloth and should look to apply an even layer over the hoof, applying as frequently as possible initially to promote better hoof health quickly and maintain the hydration, especially in dry and hard ground conditions.

Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment

cornucrescine hoof ointmentPotentially one of the most used hoof conditioner treatments on the market and has been shown to help horse owners to maintain and condition their horse’s feet through its use, meaning that this could well be the option for you.

A thick consistency means that you have to brush the treatment directly onto the hoof and that will then penetrate deep into the hoof, although from use we saw a slower rate of recovery on cracks in the hoof wall when compared to other options.

It certainly does its job and is great for protecting the hooves in wet conditions, so for those that are on a budget and want to be able to condition their horse’s feet before cracks begin to show, it is an affordable choice that will last you a number of months of regular use.

Horse Hoof Conditioners – Direct Apply or Supplement Fed?

It can be hard to know whether you should be looking to apply hoof conditioners directly to the hoof or whether it should be something that is built up over time by providing the horse’s body with the vitamin and minerals it needs to promote healthy hoof growth.

While each type possesses their own benefits, the decision is ultimately down to you as the horse owner to make, but there are two key aspects that you should think about prior to making your choice.

Ointments and treatments that are created to be placed directly onto the hoof are designed to target the area quickly, resulting in the effects of their use being much quicker than feed based options.

Although slower acting, supplementation treatment promotes natural growth and conditioning within the hoof and is easily added to feeds, giving your horse an all over benefit due to the additional vitamins and minerals that they are consuming.

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