Calls For £1000 Horse Poo Fines

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A car hire company has called for stricter regulation surrounding the littering of horse poo on the UK roads, revealing that they would like to see horse riders given the same level of responsibility for their animals as dog owners.

In a statement that was made 19th September, said

Huge piles of horse much left on public roads are causing chaos for car drivers.

The company took the stance that as dog owners were required to clean up after their dogs, horse owners should face the same requirement, however later admitted that the amount that they thought owners should be fined was simply “plucked out of the air”.

Voicing their belief that horse owners should be responsible for the cleaning up of horse muck, the company laid claims that the cost of horse poo on the roads was generating increased costs to councils across the country as they had to clean and remove the mess from the roads.

When questioned about their claims of ‘additional costs’ by Horse & Hound magazine, a spokesperson for the car hire firm revealed that they did not have any evidence to support the claim, instead simply adding that it must be true as “everything has a cost”.

Susan Jones, who spoke on behalf of the company revealed that they had asked their customers about their feelings towards the subject and claimed that their results revealed that 76% of their customers were unhappy with the amount of horse poo on the UK roads.

The comments from the car hire company come as the age-long debate about horse poo continues to happen across social networking sites across the internet and upon being asked how the company think that riders should be able to safely remove horse muck without causing a danger to others, Ms Jones stated that they didn’t want to make a suggestion on that, it was down to the owner.

The comparison between dog and horse muck continues to be drawn by many across the UK, however, the reason that dog poo has to be removed by the owner relates to health risks associated with lungworm, something that is not present in healthy horse manure.

The fine for dog owners that fail to clean up after their dog is thought to be £75, a long way away from the suggested £1000 that ValueHire proposed for horse riders.

We tried to locate the company online, however, were unable to access their website at this time.


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