Rider Loses Toe While Leading Horses in Flip-Flops As Horse Spooks at Sign

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A young rider suffered the loss of one of her toes after a freak accident resulted in the horses that she was leading spooked at a sign.

Ellie Brown revealed that she was leading the horses in flip-flops and the incident now sparks a reminder that riders should always wear suitable footwear while leading horses, no matter how well you think that you know a horse.

Brown is the daughter of Hickstead director Lizzie Bunn and has been around horses all of her life, however, was first to admit that her choice of footwear was the reason that the incident was as damaging as it has been.

Explaining about the incident, Brown told how one of the horses that she was leading at the time collided with the other

She went into my mare Twiggy, who jumped on me and landed on my foot.

She was messing about, with all her weight still on my foot, then swivelled to look at the sign.

The next thing, there I was, with two horses and nine toes.

Ellie Brown

Ellie revealed that the pain was “excruciating” but she could feel that the adrenaline has “kicked in”, which lead her to believe that the incident was not as shocking as it really was, explaining that she through that she had either bruised or broken her toe but on closer inspection she realised that she had actually lost a toe.

After being taken to the hospital by her godfather, complete with toe in a mug, the surgeons were unable to save the toe.

Although Brown said that she was bored and that the injury will now set her back “months” before she will be able to ride again, she remained positive and believes that although she had suffered the injury, it will serve the equestrian world well as a reminder that you should always wear suitable footwear around horses, whatever the weather.

The good thing to come out of it is, lots of people were coming up to me at the show saying it’s reminded them anything can happen and no one’s exempt; people were saying they put on shorts and flip-flops to do the horses in the heat and this has been an eye-opener.

I want people to be aware that they’re not in control of everything happening around you, like a pheasant jumping out of a hedgerow or something, and for the sake of your safety, make sure you’re properly dressed. Pumps or espadrilles won’t help, you need a good pair of yard boots.

Ellie Brown

Ellie remained light-hearted about the injury, joking that she was looking forward to getting 10% off the price of pedicures.

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