Rider Hit by Driver Says They’ll Never Ride on Roads Again

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A rider that was involved in a road traffic accident last month has spoken out about her ordeal and told the world that she will not be riding on the roads again after the shock and impact that the incident had on both her and her horse, Spot.

Seline Damare had been hacking her 12-year old show jumper Spot along Bank Hill, Woodborough when her horse was hit from behind by a driver, causing both damages to the car and injuries to her horse.

Ms Damare recalled not knowing much about how the incident happened but simply said

“I could her him coming up behind me, but I didn’t realise how close he was until he hit me.”

Ms Damare, Horse Owner

car crashes into horse on roadWith the car crashing into the hind of her horse, she explained that the car involved in the incident experienced a high level of damage, stating that the wing mirror had snapped and the passenger side window had smashed due to the impact.

Dismounting her horse and calling her vet, Ms Damare was worried about the stress that the incident had caused for Spot, however, once the vet arrived at the scene, the vet was able to sedate the gelding before being able to clean the wounds and loading the horse into a horse box to be transported home.

Speaking of the terrifying experience, Ms Damare said,

“Spot did nothing wrong, he wasn’t misbehaving or anything”

Seline Damare, Horse Owner

spot wounds after car crash

This was not the first time that both horse and rider had undertaken the hacking route along the road on which the accident happened.

The gelding suffered minor cuts from the impact of the car crashing into the back of his hind but when Ms Damare first saw them, she likened them to knife slashes, leading many to believe that the smashing of the front passenger side window could have been the cause.

While Ms Damare accepts that things could certainly have been a lot worse than they were, the whole incident had now convinced her that she will no longer be hacking out on the roads with her horse, saying

“It’s put me right off. It’s not that I don’t trust Spot, I’m scared another car will hit him.”

A contributing factor to her decision to no longer ride on the roads is that Ms Damare believes that there are too many uneducated drivers on the roads when it comes to passing horses.

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