Rescue Services Free Horse From Crash on M5 Motorway

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A chestnut gelding was lucky to walk away from a road traffic accident that happened on Thursday 8th June on the M5 motorway after an incident saw both the owner’s car and the trailer that it was travelling in landed upside-down in a roadside ditch following a collision.

With witnesses stopping to help the driver before the Avon Fire & Rescue Service arrived at the scene with six crews, including specialist teams trained in equine related rescues, we are glad to hear that both driver and horse have escaped the potentially fatal incident.

The incident happened on the M5 between Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon and reports revealed that the initial call to the emergency services took place at 1.08pm, with crews remaining at the scene until almost 4pm as they completed their successful rescue.

The vet that supported the emergency services, Anna Hammond of Langford Equine, told of how the accident had resulted her arrival at the location being delayed due to the increase in traffic that had backed up behind the scene with on-lookers trying to help wherever possible.

On arriving at the scene, Hammond revealed her first thoughts of what she saw

My first thought was ‘how in god’s name am I going to get this horse out?

I opened the jockey door and clambered in – he was an absolute sweetheart. You are never quite sure what they are going to do in those situations.

He put his head on my shoulder so I gave him a cuddle and sedated him heavily.

Anna Hammond, Vet

After sedating the horse, Hammond then looked for the best possible way to reduce the level of noise that the horse would experience while the rescue team cut through the trailer to create an opening that would allow the horse to escape.

She opted to place some cotton wool into the ears of the horse in an effort to dim the sound from inside the trailer while the rescue work was underway before rearranging him into a more suitable position to keep him safely out of the way of the rescue team’s tools.

After the crews successfully cut through the trailer, the horse was able to walk out of the wreckage before being taken to the vet clinic for checks and treatment to be undertaken.

According to reports, the horse suffered cuts and grazes as well as suffering several broken teeth, which have now been capped and the horse has returned home for recovery.

Vet Anna Hammond told of her thoughts of the work done by the Avon Fire & Rescue crews that attended the incident, praising them for their efforts

The fire brigade and animal rescue team did a fabulous job

Anna Hammond, Vet

The owner of the horse who chose to remain unnamed thanked all of the drivers that stopped to help her, adding further praise on both the emergency rescue team and vets that attended the scene to help her get her “lovely horse” free from the wreckage.

After thanking those that helped to recover themselves and the horse from the incident, the owner also praised both the Land Rover and trailer that they were towing for being able to withstand the ordeal, saying that without those being as sturdy as they were, the pair could have died in the incident.

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