New Approved Sarcoid Tumor Product Made Available In US

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A new treatment that has been created to combat equine sarcoid tumours has finally been made available to vets in the United States after creators NovaVive Inc listened to the demand of vets across North America.

With sarcoids estimated to affect one in 100 horses across the world, the animal health immunobiology company opted to release an equine specific version of their Immunocidin product and have created Immunocidin Equine, which will be pre-packaged in 5ml vials to make it easier for vets to use.

With the current methods of treatment including surgery, ligation, topical treatment, cryotherapy, laser removal and radiation therapy, the release of the new Immunocidin Equine product will provide vets with a less invasive way to be able to treat sarcoids found in equines, being administered by intertumoral injection.

Immunocidin Equine has a high post-treatment tumor-free rate and is well-tolerated by horses, including older animals.

The product has minimal side effects and an excellent safety profile. It offers an economical treatment option to veterinarians.

Dr. Stan Alkemade, Chief Veterinary Scientific Officer at NovaVive Inc.

With the opportunity to provide horses both young and old with the chance to have sarcoid treatment without the need for surgery as well as boasting no side effects, vets across the US will be looking to make this their preferred choice of treatment where possible.

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