Due to the nature of Equestrian Weekly there could be articles located on our website that will mention specific products that available for sale across a number of retailers online, if this is the case we will always attempt to provide our readers with links to those products in order for them to be able to access the relevant page should they wish to purchase it.

While most of the products that we cover will be linked directly to main brand retailers, products that are available at any of our partner retailers will be linked with the use of an affiliate link which will contain a unique ID code in order to allow those partners to be able to monitor the number of visitors that Equestrian Weekly provide.

In a small number of these instances, Equestrian Weekly could have negotiated an affiliate partnership that would mean that should you purchase the item that you have clicked on from the website that you visit, we could be paid a small percentile of the price as a commission.

This is a small referral charge that is provided by online retailers for websites like ours to reward the site sending customers to their website to purchase items, however the fees that our website could be subject to receive are payable by the retailer, not our readers.

The commissions that we receive are used to maintain and upgrade our website to enhance the scope and suitability of the site for readers of all ages, so no payments are made to the team or owner of the website in relation to these potential revenues.

Should you wish to speak with a member of our partnership management team about referral fees or partner retailers that we work with, please contact the relevant team via the contact us section.