About Equestrian Weekly

Equestrian Weekly is a free to all online magazine that has been created by an editorial team of horse enthusiasts that are keen to create a new online hub for all things related to the equestrian world.

Our aim is to create the new leading resource within the equestrian hemisphere through a wide range of articles, guides, reviews and discussion points that concern millions of horse riders and their horses across the world.

All information that is provided via our website is factual as of sources that are quoted where required.

The views and opinions of either our team or our readers are those of real people and while we do try to moderate discussions in order to protect against adverse behaviour, we believe that readers should be given the chance to share their honest opinion and findings of all aspects of the content that we provide, however do require readers to be cautious in the way that they put their point across in order to protect other readers.

Our team are keen to be able to share thoughts, opinions and honest reviews with our readers in the hope that their experiences with the products that they have used will be able to provide insight to making your next purchase one that you feel comfortable with.

The editorial team that provide the news are freelancers that have equestrian interests and have agreed to provide the content for our website free of charge though their passion for horses and riding, so if you feel that you too would like to contribute to Equestrian Weekly, please do not hesitate to contact our editor in chief via the appropriate section located on the contact us page.